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How to Get a Book Published: 20 Ways(#6 Will Shock You)

A lot of business leaders and entrepreneurs have brilliant stories that deserve to get published in a book. Startup businesses, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and striving leaders want to learn the secret to success and a lot of these people turn to business books to unlock the secrets to success. After deciding to write a book, aspiring

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SL 48: Melissa Gonzalez, The Lionesque Group

The Pop Up Paradigm. Welcome to the Supreme Leadership podcast where we interview business leaders every entrepreneur should follow. I’m Alinka Rutkowska, CEO of Leaders Press and today I’m excited because we’re taking to Melissa Gonzalez, CEO of The Lionesque Group. Melissa explains how a pop-up (a short term retail experience) is an opportunity for

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Discover the 17 Steps to Creating a Best-selling Business Book

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