You can turn your book idea into a bestseller, get it in bookstores, and... it's guaranteed.

Leaders Press is the only publishing house that guarantees your business book will become a best-seller and will get into bookstores.

You have our 4 Bs to achieve your goal:

  1. Business books
    We specialize in producing and launching books for the world's top entrepreneurs. Imagine yourself doing a book signing just like the co-founder of DHL International in the picture in the background.

  2. Best seller status
    We have a 100% best seller rate. All the books we launch for clients climb to the top of the charts. We can launch your book either to Amazon or to USA Today best-seller (see our packages below).

  3. Brick & Mortar
    We offer you the widest distribution getting your books into book stores, libraries and airports as Leaders Press will be sold and distributed by Simon & Schuster worldwide starting April 1, 2021.

  4. Big passion
    As a USA Today best-selling press we only select projects we believe are winners and we pour our hearts into them (see our passion projects below).

Have you been thinking about writing a book - but business priorities always take over? You don't have the time, or maybe you don't feel like you have the skills or connections necessary to do your book right. Yet, you still have something to say.

You're in the right place: Leaders Press offers you an all-in-one solution to outsource your book easily and economically.

I'm Alinka Rutkowska and I've created a proven process, featured in Entrepreneur, in which all you need to do is spend 10-15 hours on the phone with our interviewers and we will create a best-selling book from your experience in your unique voice!

Even better, the whole process only takes about six months from our first conversation to your book launch.

Leaders Press is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press. I myself am a USA Today and WSJ best-selling author, and a Top 100 Amazon best-selling author in Business and Money. I've sold more than 100,000 books and I've sold foreign rights to more than 15 titles. I've helped USA Today best-selling authors, CEOs and movie stars with their book marketing.

I've created multiple six-figure funnels based on books and I can help you do the same.

If you want a custom book creation experience, a team working on your book with as much enthusiasm as you have and a guaranteed launch to bestseller and access to bookstores, you want Leaders Press.

In order to maintain our 100% bestseller rate we only sign on entrepreneurs whose projects we believe will succeed.

If you want to be one of them, schedule your strategy call today.

What We Offer

We help you write your book and then launch it to best-seller status and we make every project we decide to work on a passion project.

It all begins with a strategy call where we discuss your goals and create your outline - then you watch your book created live as we interview you and ghostwrite your best-seller. When your book matches your vision, we have it professionally edited and launched.

Don't let your lack of time as a successful business leader prevent you from making your book a reality. Whether you’re looking for a legacy piece to highlight your accomplishments or a calling card to generate leads for your business, we can help you.

Let’s get started.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the "Designed to Win" – the stunning book cover, the contents, the unbeatable marketing and more importantly, the embedded effort. It’s a wonderful learning process and experience working with you all. My most sincere gratitude to each of you from the bottom of my heart.

I am going to write a book and it’s going to be a best seller!” Yeah that’s what I said for the past 10 years too, but it never happened. I had all the notes, ideas, even wrote some pretty good passages but I learned that wanting to write a book and actually holding it in my hands were two very different things. I needed a publisher, but not only that, I needed an accountability partner.

Once I signed on, I got it all with Alinka and her expert team at Leaders Press. Everything got organized, all of sudden my table of contents was ready, chapters came together quickly, the manuscript started to flow and the book that had been in my head for so long was taking shape in a cogent, entertaining way.

The team kept me encouraged, focused and accountable along each step of a proven process that delivers results.

Going from thinking about the book to holding my own #1 Best Seller in my hands was an amazing adventure.

I just wish I knew about Leaders Press 10 years ago! Highly recommended!

The Leaders Press team is exactly that: a talented and professional team that surrounded this simple sales guy and helped him take a wild idea from inception to a best-selling publication!

Most, if not all entrepreneurs, will require a leadgen book to explain their ideas to the world; the challenge is that most of us are busy with our careers, and may not have the time or skill to launch a book. Leaders Press was able to take me from relative obscurity to a universe where I now have an international voice to reach investors. With the Leaders Press process, anyone can share their message with a global audience. That’s even more amazing and wonderful than hydrogen power!

My experience with Leaders Press has been perfect. They offered me a "fast and easy" way to get my book published. I wrote it for people wanting to discover how to become financially independent. And, this is my story, about how I did it and retired at age 35.

Shortly after the book was launched, I was excited that it had reached best-seller status. Everything was delivered exactly as promised.

I have no doubt Leaders Press continues to deliver exactly what they promise.

Alinka has a great program she has put together. Working with the interviewer and writer was amazing. The way they got my thoughts out of my head and onto paper was so easy and productive.

Alinka and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with and they are first class professionals. They fully understand their industry and, by following their process, your content will be presented in a way that becomes a #1 Best Seller!

Po Chung co-founder of DHL International
Tom Fedro co-founder of Paragon Software Group
David Fuess CEO, Catapult Systems

We Choose Each Other

With us, you're not going to be on an assembly line creating a cookie cutter book, which is what happens with publishers servicing hundreds of authors a year. We only work with selected authors whose book ideas we feel passionate about and who we know will succeed. If you want to outsource the creation of a spectacular book, under the wing of our USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author and CEO and have it launched to bestseller by a team as passionate about your book as you, we're the only choice.

We've been chosen by the co-founder of DHL International, the founder of Babylon Telecommunications and CEO of Bull Outdoor Products. They chose us because we make every project a passion project.

Now it's your turn:

Once you arrange a strategy session with one of our book advisors, our proven process focusing on speed, status, sales, and success kicks in.

We set up a schedule of interviews with you, usually at the rate of one per week to accommodate your busy schedule.  After each interview, your words are transcribed and our ghostwriter incorporates them into your manuscript so you can watch your book evolve in real time. 

You have the ultimate control over your book. Our interviewers, writers, and editors are all focused on making your vision a reality. Once you approve the text, we hand it off to our launch team - guaranteeing that you achieve best-seller status on Amazon from the start.

Our Books

Our Authors

Po Chung 

Co-Founder, DHL International

David Fuess

Catapult Systems 

Bob Ferris

Virtra Systems

Sai Huda


Kristin Cripps

Cripps Realty

Tom Fedro 

CEO, Paragon Software Group

Chris Catranis

CEO, Babylon Telecommunications 

Rick Orford

CEO, Lions Gate Ventures

Shawn Johal

Business Growth Coach & Leadership Speaker

Mark Nureddine

CEO, Bull Outdoor Products

Areva Martin 

Founder & President, Special Needs Network

Dennis Andrews

Founder, Scar Tissue

Julien Barbier

Co-Founder & CEO, Holberton School

Magnus Penker

Innovation 360

Trissa Tismal-Capili

Executive Coach & Speaker, Boss Transformed

Aaron Vick 


Mike Putman

Founder, Custom Travel Solutions

Michael Flory

Founder & Manager, MRFH, LLC

Kevin L. Jackson

COO, SourceConnecte

Tamara Nall

President and CAO, The Leading Niche

Orad Elkayam

CEO, Cyrex, MoGI Group

Imran Karbhari

Director Strategic Initiatives, Realogy Holdings Corp.

Kader Sakkaria

Vice President Digital Transformation, Realogy Holdings Corp.

Trevor Macomber

Director, Global Marketing & Communications, Cartus

John Rovani

Managing Partner, Ponterra Business Advisors

Alinka's ability to help authors come up with comprehensive marketing game plans for their work is unmatched in this industry.

Alinka is ubertalented. It's easy to see why hundreds of authors have trusted Alinka to help them with their book marketing.

As an author and editor of 30 books, I was delighted to work with Alinka on how to develop my self-publishing business further. She is the Best!

Buck Flogging CEO, Buck Books
Dave Chesson CEO, Kindlepreneur
Beran Parry Nutritionist & Wellbeing Expert

Want to read about it?

If you’d like to discover the 17 steps we use to create a best-selling business book, we have the best resource to help you achieve that.

In Outsource Your Book, Alinka shares all the secrets she's collected on her way to becoming a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author with a press that guarantees every one of our books best-seller status on Amazon.

Discover the 17 steps that can take you from a book idea to a six-figure funnel including:

  • how to position your book so that it’s a bestseller — you have to do this before it’s written;
  • how to hire the right interviewer who can get your ideas out of your head;
  • how to turn your ideas into a masterfully crafted manuscript;
  • the three different types of editing, and which ones you need;
  • where to hire a designer for an attention-grabbing cover, and why the right cover can make or break your book sales;
  • how to optimize your book for online sales so that it pops up on top of any search results; 

and much more.

Warning: reading this book and following the advice within can result in having your name on a bestselling book and on top of the charts!


[New!] Leaders Press Anthology

Become a USA Today bestselling author through our anthology on success mindsets!

Perfect to boost your authority

$ 5k

  • A chapter in our anthology which will be hitting the USA Today best-selling list
  • Use the status when you launch your solo book 
  • You provide a custom chapter according to our submission guidelines or we ghostwrite it at $1k
  • Money Back Guarantee
Leaders Press Launch

Turn your manuscript into a professional publication and an Amazon bestseller!

Perfect if your manuscript is ready

$ 5k /mo - 4 months

$20k total

  • Your book positioned in a lucrative niche
  • Your manuscript edited
  • An attention-grabbing cover
  • Your book distributed to online and brick and mortar retailers
  • Your book launched to Amazon bestseller status
  • Your book promoted to librarians and pitched to foreign publishers
  • Money Back Guarantee
 Leaders Press Complete

Get your book ghostwritten and launched as an Amazon bestseller!

Perfect if you have a business book idea

$ 5k /mo - 8 months

$40k total

  • Everything in the Leaders Press Launch PLUS:
  • A series of interviews to get your ideas of out your head
  • Your book ghostwritten for you in your voice
  • Distribution wherever books are sold
  • Custom back-end material created to facilitate revenue generation
  • Inclusion in our upcoming USA Today anthology
  • Money Back Guarantee
Leaders Press

Get your book ghostwritten and launched as a USA Today bestseller!

Perfect for your business book idea or memoir

$ 50k /mo - 2 months

$100k total

  • Everything in Leaders Press Complete PLUS:
  • Guaranteed to be a USA Today bestseller 
  • Promotion on the Reuters Billboard in Times Square 
  • Your book will be pitched to a Hollywood producer
  • Inclusion in our upcoming USA Today anthology
  • Money Back Guarantee

Do you need more details about what each package includes?

Let’s talk.

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