Game On: Leaders Who Last


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Many aspire to live the life of an entrepreneur. The world has painted a glamorous picture of the business owner: free, wealthy, and living the dream. The most experienced entrepreneurs know that “living the dream” requires years and years of hard work, overcoming obstacles, and constantly building your skills as a leader, manager, and communicator.

Ready to take on the challenge? Game On.

This anthology will open your eyes to what it takes to persist as a business leader, even when the “levels” of ownership become harder, the problems get bigger, and the stakes get higher. The authors in this anthology have taken on these challenges, “leveling up” throughout their careers. They are sharing their stories in Game On: Leaders Who Last.

This anthology is no “cheat code,” but it will provide an insider look into what it takes to keep calm and carry on when the world around you is chaotic. (When you own a business, your world is more often chaotic than not.) A brand storyteller shows how the underdog mentality can help you come out on top in business. With decades of experience in various industries, a global entrepreneur shares how his latest venture came from viewing a documentary. In the midst of a pandemic, a social worker switches gears and builds a healthcare business that tells clients, “Dare to Be Happy.”

A best-selling author and executive coach shares how he uses the principle of kaizen to grow and build a team of leaders who last In the wake of an ill child, a leader learns the importance of building a business with her gut. ...and stories from leaders in health, communication, cybersecurity, and more! The challenges of the decade have left many feeling depleted. Every new challenge feels harder than the one before.

After reading this anthology, you will feel refueled. Take this refreshed mindset and go the distance, no matter what industry you are in or how long you’ve been in the game.

Power up with the advice of entrepreneurs who have tamed the lions of success. Order Game On: Leaders Who Last today!

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