The Cost of NOT Writing a Book

Entrepreneurs often ask how much producing a book will cost them but have you ever considered how much NOT having a book is costing you and your business?

The Invisibility Problem

Most businesses want to grow but their growth is limited by their current lead generation methods.

To a large chunk of your target audience, you’re simply invisible. A book solves that issue immediately. How?

Do you know what the largest search engine for e-commerce is? It’s Amazon. And unlike on Google, people search on Amazon with their credit card in hand. They’re ready to buy. And if you have a book that is solving their problem, they’re ready to buy your book!

The Credibility Problem

What happens when they find you? You have about 15 seconds of their attention before they leave and keep browsing elsewhere. Imagine they see a book right there on your website, which explains exactly how their problem can be solved. Now not only do you have a way to remain in your prospects’ minds for longer, you become the authority on the subject!

And trust me, once someone reads your book, they are a much better prospect when they end up on a call with your sales team.

6 Figures in 6 Months

I know you like numbers so let me give you just one example of what a book can do for you business. When we added Outsource Your Book to our lead generation arsenal in February 2019, it brought us six figures in sales by September.

Imagine if we hadn’t published it! Some of our best clients would never have found us and we would have thrown these extra six figures out the door.

I bet you’re thinking… how much revenue are you throwing out the door by NOT having a book as part of your lead generation strategy?

It depends on your setup – but it could easily be way more than in this example.

What About the Royalties?

The royalties will always be a small chunk of your revenue when you have a thriving business that you’re sending your readers to. 

Think about the equivalent of a fancy dinner or two a week – this amount won’t change your lifestyle but it will be a welcome extra.

Are you a Speaker?

Best-selling authors can charge very high speaking fees (even $200,000 isn’t unheard of) and at Leaders Press we guarantee that your book will become a best-seller.

When you’re an author, you’re more attractive as a speaker and you can also sell books from the back of the room and then those books will funnel clients into your business!

This Time Next Year

Knowing what you know now, where would you like to be this time next year? When we get started now, you\’ll have your book in your hands in five or six months and if your business processes are dialed in, you will have made at least six figures of extra revenue.

Do you want to make it happen? Go here to see if we’re a good fit to work on it together.

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