4 Types of Book ROI with Leaders Press

There’s this Cinderella myth about writers that you write 1 book and live happily ever after. Which is about as true as the Cinderella story. Not many of us still believe that they can do nothing all their lives and then a publishing house will come and save them…

However if you commit to being an author-entrepreneur there are at least 4 tangible ROI paths Leaders Press authors have achieved:

The Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, your book allows you to generate leads and as a consequence, to grow your business.
Our founder and CEO, Alinka Rutkowska, turned Leaders Press into a 7-figure business directly through the use of her lead-gen book Outsource Your Book.

Tamara Nall put together her anthology Business Success Secrets with Leaders Press, which became a USA Today and WSJ best-seller. In her chat with Alinka she speaks about these accolades allowing her to become a guest speaker at podcasts, virtual summits, being thrown into the expert category, and “all these other revenue opportunities that come from being a best-selling author ”

Matt Rolnick, author of Find Your Yay shares that as soon as his book was published he was being approached by other companies executives to come speak to their sales teams. He says he used to have trouble getting meetings with these companies and how these companies are now coming to him

The Lecturer

As a lecturer, you get to place your book in University curriculums and sell it to students and academics as well as the general public.
DHL’s co-founder, Po Chung, author of Designed to Win as well as USA Today and WSJ best-selling author got the interest of 8 universities to share his service methodology once his Leaders Press book came out

Kevin Jackson’s book Click to Transform, best-seller in 8 categories, was selected for two courses at two universities and his clients are also using his book within their networks.

Karl Shaikh, PhD, USA Today and WSJ best-selling author with Leaders Press shares how he is a breeze to sell now that he has these accolades.

The Speaker

As a speaker your ROI comes through the caliber of the speaking engagements you land thanks to your book and accolades.

Tomeka B. Holyfield shares that once you become a USA Today and WSJ best-selling author “your booking fees go up, sponsorships go up, contracts go up”, she tripled her speaking fees because she is a USA Today and WSJ keynote speaker now, which changed the trajectory of her life and as such she now charges up to 25,000 USD per speaking gig.

LaToya Larkin, USA Today and WSJ best-selling author confirms Tomeka’s words saying that since the publication of the book amazing opportunities have come up for her.

Corey Poirier, TEDx speaker and now USA Today and WSJ best-selling author with Leaders  Press, talks about how the accolades boosted his speaking business and how he received more credibility (and as a consequence sales) in the programs he sells.

The Serial Author

As a serial author you see how your confidence and other book sales increase, once you publish a Leaders Press book.
Donna Kozik, who appeared in Leaders Press USA Today and WSJ best-selling anthology says that when you have these accolades “people really sit up and take notice”. She highlights the confidence boost you get from this accomplishment allowing you to “sit up a little straighter, stand up a little taller” [6 min 50 sec], “it’s a visual representation of expertise and credibility that appears on the books you publish, webinars, podcasts, in your biography. 

Anita Anita Plak Semprimoznik, co-author of USA Today and WSJ Quitless, shares that whenever she connects with people, they treat her differently than before she had these accolades and the sales of her other books increased during the Leaders Press launch.

Solomon Thimothy, 2x USA Today and WSJ best-selling author with Leaders Press shares how much more credibility (and as a result sales) he now has in his coaching business.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t achieve the above.

We have published more than 500 authors at Leaders Press and 220 have become USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-sellers.

When you invest in your book the right way, it will give back and we’re here with you to assist you on making the right decisions.

Book a time to chat here and let’s identify if your path is that of a start-up entrepreneur, exit entrepreneur, lecturer or speaker.

Or you know… you can opt not to take action and maybe Prince Charming will come… although I believe Cinderella did get dressed up and went to that ball after all… here’s your version of going to the ball

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