Anette Liwanag

Acting Director of Operations


Anette Liwanag is the Acting Operations Director at Leaders Press. She plays a crucial role in driving the seamless creation of books for the company’s clients. With a rich background in people management, Anette brings a unique perspective to her pivotal role, leveraging her extensive experience and expertise to enhance the overall book creation process.

Anette’s multifaceted skill set spans project leadership, customer experience enhancement, employment verifications, data verification, screening, people management, and customer service management. It is her adeptness in people management that stands out as a driving force in ensuring a streamlined and efficient book creation process at Leaders Press.

Her proficiency in overseeing teams and fostering collaboration among diverse individuals contributes significantly to the success and growth of Leaders Press. Anette’s keen understanding of effective communication and team dynamics enables her to orchestrate the various aspects of book creation seamlessly, ultimately enhancing the quality and timeliness of deliverables.

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