The Cyber Security Leadership Handbook for the CISO and the CEO


How to Fix Decade-Old Issues and Protect Your Organization from Cyber Threats

In this timely book, veteran information security advisor and thought leader JC Gaillard explains how a common thread in many of the highly publicized data security breaches that have rocked the corporate world in recent years is the neglect of basic cyber security practices. Gaillard doesn’t merely cover how these security lapses occur—he also describes concrete steps organizations can take to bring their information security procedures in line with modern best practices. This guidance makes The Cyber Security Leadership Handbook for the CISO and the CEO an indispensable manual for individuals and organizations interested in boosting their knowledge of what it takes to protect their data in today’s threat rich environment. 

Gaillard, who has advised many CEOs, CISOs, and CIOs on how to optimize their cyber security practices, takes an in-depth look at why many large firms have struggled with information security. In many cases, legacy issues which should have been resolved years ago are to blame. These organizations often compound the problem and expose themselves to significant risks by engaging in massive digital transformation efforts without covering their basic cyber security bases. 

The book features a collection of articles written from 2015-2022 on the topic of how organizations can improve their ability to counter threats to the security of their data. Throughout the book, Gaillard provides extensive advice to help CISOs and other executives bring their companies into compliance with the latest cybersecurity principles and plug any gaps in their defenses. 

With regulations like GDPR and CCPA privacy legislations building up across the U.S. and worldwide, a “when-not-if” paradigm around cyber-attacks has taken root at the Board level. Gaillard convincingly demonstrates that large organizations, and their CEOS and CISOs, must stop thinking of the topic in pure technological terms and address the underlying cultural and governance issues that have been the true roadblocks to robust cyber security. The solution Gaillard presents is intended to help change the narrative around cyber security and enable organizations to benefit from the greater security engendered by the approach he describes. The Cyber Security Leadership Handbook for the CISO and the CEO provides a roadmap designed to help take an organization’s cyber defenses to the next level. It’s a must-have for anyone interested in learning how a comprehensive, integrated approach can help organizations overcome legacy and current risks and build a robust, adaptive defense against cyber threats in the corporate world. 

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