Don't Buy the Watch


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There are salespeople that will try to get you to buy a $50,000 watch, but Andrew Dupy isn’t one of those salespeople. With 20 (well, really 44) years of sales experience, he knows who he is as a salesman and who he is not. He’s not the person to sell you an expensive watch – but he is someone who will help you turn your book idea into a best-seller (and turn your investment into a money-making machine!) Andrew Dupy is the Chief Sales Officer of Leaders Press, a one-of-a-kind hybrid publishing company. In Don’t Buy the Watch, he shares his experiences as a veteran salesman, an early employee of a quickly-growing startup, and as the kind of guy who wants to help his clients make the most of their partnerships. This refreshing read offers a quick look into how Andrew Dupy and Leaders Press are truly becoming leaders in their industry.

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