CIONET Cookbook No. 2



Recipes for Digital Success

Digital sits at the heart of every successful organization, whether it’s in the public or private sector. If you want your business to be successful, you must have a clear understanding of how technology and data can be used to create a competitive advantage. If you fail to develop this in-depth awareness, then you risk being left behind by faster-moving innovators. The message is simple: all business leaders must continue to explore how they will use emerging technologies to help their organizations thrive.

For digital leaders, the requirement for constant change brings opportunities and challenges. Modern technology chiefs – be it CIOs, CTOs or CDOs – need exceptional skills to overcome any obstacles they encounter and to deliver a brighter future for their businesses. Help comes in the form of the CIONET Cookbook: Recipes for Digital Success, which showcases the very best in European digital leadership.

The recipes within this book reveal the unique stories of digital leaders. They show how successful technology chiefs use an eclectic and enticing set of ingredients to produce delightful and delicious digital transformations. By observing and understanding the remarkable successes of Europe’s pioneering technology leaders, you will be better placed to fulfil your own ambitions as we enter the digital era.

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