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Energetic, knowledgeable, passionate, positive – some of the qualities that strike you when you meet Trina Das, the young and dynamic business leader, Founder and Chief of Growth, TAI. From being a Harvard Alumni to making TAI amongst the most coveted education methodology and new generation organization, changing the way students think and study. TAI (Teaching with Artificial Intelligence) is a revolutionary skill based learning solution for middle school and high school students that pin points and solves immediate core skill gaps like reading, comprehension, math, problem solving, focus, etc and ensures complete learning success at school. Trina has always sided with the unconventional at each step.
While pursuing her college degree in computer science, she started as a tutor for a batch of 16 students in September 2011 with the vision of helping her students excel at school. While her weekend tuition center grew to over a thousand students, she launched her education company ‘B-Genius’ in November of 2012 to make high quality tutoring available to thousands of students in India.

She spent 4 years (2012-2016) building a tutoring franchise company called B-Genius prior to founding TAI. B-Genius started as a single-woman led tutoring center in a very small isolated town that went on to become a global brand having 86 learning centers across various towns and villages of India, Nigeria, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Zambia catering to a massive 11000+ students visiting the learning centers weekly.
Later in late 2017, Trina launched TAI to create a larger impact with technology and curriculum design for millions of students across India. Under Trina’s leadership, her education impact has grown leaps & bounces to 100+ team, 130+ centers and trained 160000 + students across the world.

Published Book

7-Figure Minds: How to Grow and Lead a 7-Figure Business

Amazon best-seller

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