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Todd Gdula is a graduate of SUNY Empire State College with a BA, Summa Cum Laude, in creative writing. He is an Alpha Tier inductee of the SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society and a member of the Apex Writers Group.

Todd is a veteran of the US Army, where he served as an infantryman (MOS 11H and 11B) during the Cold War. During his four-year enlistment, he deployed to Central America, Egypt (on Operation Bright Star with the 101st Airborne Division), South Korea (in Pan Mun Jom with the Joint Security Force), To Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Mannheim in West Germany (for Reforger with the 1st Cavalry Division).

Todd retired as a major from the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office in 2012, where he began as a correction officer in 1984. During his twenty-eight-year career, he learned people aren’t always what they seem—and that most are capable of redemption if given the right tools—and perhaps a hand up.

His exposure to this amazing planet’s incredible people cultivated his interest in language, religion, ethnicity, customs, and food. These interests, along with his creative heroes and mentors, drive his imagination.

Todd is an avid consumer of words—especially fantasy, horror, and science fiction. A nerd of the highest order, he plays tabletop RPGs (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Starfinder) twice per week.

Todd is Sam Gdula’s father, and they write together in rural Red Hook in upstate New York.

Published Book

Ilmanther: The Will of Orovaul

Amazon best-seller

In the stark, shadowy deserts of Ilmanther, mystic home of necromancy and a people bound to an empire of the past, mastery over magic is the law. Shameless nobles squabble and petty politics abound, but above it all sits Orovaul, lich king, tyrant, and puppet master. Evedur, the second son of House Thal’id, serves as his master’s hand, loyal sword, and trusted servant, and in Ilmanther, his trade is death. Can Evedur rise to meet the lofty expectations of his undead lord, or will he be torn apart in the web of lies and peril that suffuses the inscrutable land of dark magic?

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