Simon Leslie


Awards & Accolades

Amazon Best-selling Author


Simon’s company, Ink, has helped some of the world’s largest brands advertise across hundreds of airlines and airports around the world, in media that’s been translated into over 17 languages. As a leader, and a salesperson, he has weathered a few storms, and overcome some massive hurdles. The thing that kept him going throughout all the years has been belief. Belief in himself, his product, his team. This content is a concentration of all that belief. He hopes it helps you believe in yourself too. Here’s to doing better today than we did yesterday. Life is about marginal gains.

Published Book

7-Figure Minds: How to Grow and Lead a 7-Figure Business

Amazon best-seller

7-Figure Minds is an anthology dedicated to exploring exactly the type of mental fortitude, wherewithal and know-how that separates the weekend warriors from the die-hard entrepreneurs. So, what does it take to be successful? Here’s a hint: it all starts with evaluating what kind of mental narrative you’re feeding yourself. Through a tapestry of authors, you’ll uncover the power of tapping into your own core programming to manifest success in ways you’ve only dreamed of before now.

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