Scott Montgomery


Awards & Accolades

USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author


Scott Montgomery, ICF-ACC, is a co-founder of Worldgate LLC, a technology consulting services firm specializing in implementing solutions that enable public sector clients to meet their information technology goals. In his day-to-day operations, Scott is primarily focused on nurturing Worldgate’s client relationships and strategic alliances. In 2018, Scott completed George Mason University’s certification program and became certified in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-being. His leadership style begins with the employees’ well-being, as he strives to foster a growth and learner mindset in everyone. After earning his associate degree with honors at Northern Virginia Community College, Scott deferred obtaining his bachelor’s degree in order to build his business. In January of 2020, he re-ignited his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree and is now currently enrolled at the University of Virginia. Scott’s first priority is always his family. He is a loving husband of over twenty years and a hands-on father of three. In his spare time, Scott pursues fitness challenges. He has completed over fifteen triathlons as well as an Ironman 70.3. You can reach Scott at his personal email,, or by calling 703- 283-4524.

Published Book

Success Mindsets

USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller!

For driven individuals searching for a more positive attitude, Success Mindsets is an anthology highlighting the thought process, attitude and approach to your professional life. The difference between success and failure is how you view a problem.


The world prizes success. It rarely shows the effort people make to achieve it. We crave success, but it can seem so unattainable that we assume it’s not for us. What if successful business people were to let us in on their secrets? That what separates the adored from the overlooked is mindset.

You will come to understand this by reading the brilliant contributors of Success Mindsets. This anthology gathers advice from several dozen exceptional leaders, ranging from CEOs to champions to game-changers. Success Mindsets reveals that many roads lead to success and you must choose the one that suits your concept best.

Each chapter in Success Mindsets will reveal methods for developing the right approach for navigating your journey to success. Dive in now to:

  • Understand the mindset of being adaptable in your pursuit of success. 
  • Adopt a growth mindset, to value long-term growth over short-term revenue. 
  • Utilize your driven mindset to keep advancing your career even as the world turns completely upside down.  
  • Study areas of strength and bolster weaknesses through the mindset of lifelong learning
  • Embrace the mindset of self-compassion to look out for yourself while leading others.  

Minds are more effective when they are open. You can always adapt your mindset to the situation in pursuit of your goals. What mindset will shepherd you through your professional journey?

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