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USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author


Sandy McKeown and her husband raised five children, three with extra challenges. One child with attention deficit disorder and a mood disorder; one with epilepsy, a reading disability, depression, and oppositional defiance; and one with autism. She has been published in several anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Chocolate Lover’s Soul, One Year Life Verse Devotional, Laundry Tales to Lighten Your Load, I Choose, Audacious Love, Tenacious Hope and Adamant Faith. Her first solo book Some Miracles Need a Mom will soon be in print. Sandy is a public speaker and also mentors women, helping them discover raising challenging children and keeping their marriages strong simultaneously is possible. Sandy lives in the Greater Minneapolis Area, near four of her seven grandchildren, successfully #livingwhilegrieving. You can reach her at

Published Books

Some Miracles Need a Mom: Developing Your Child's Future

Amazon best-seller

As a best-selling author, mentor, and speaker, Sandy brings a unique perspective to the Gospel story of the Wedding in Cana. Taking a story long oversimplified as Jesus turned water into wine, Sandy approaches the miracle from the perspective of Jesus’ mother, Mary. This is the miracle that needed a Mom. At Mary’s insistence, the thirsty were quenched. But Jesus also revealed his ministry and ultimately and forever changed the world. Learn from Mary and Sandy, two fearless moms facing unique challenges, how to passionately pursue a better tomorrow for your loved ones so you can change their worlds. This book reveals why Some Miracles Need a Mom.

Habits of Success

Now a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller!

FORM THE HABIT WITH ANOTHER STELLAR ANTHOLOGY FROM LEADERS PRESS!As the world resumes from a year and a half of pandemic disruption, we find ourselves wondering what to do next? Should we go back to normal or move forward to better? How do we maximize our time and efforts to find our most successful selves? What habits will sustain that success the next time our world is shaken up?

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