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USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author


Phillip John Campbell is a cognitive scientist, executive brain coach, and CEO of enigmaFIT – a global brain coaching and leadership development company. 

He has over 25 years of industry experience working globally with senior leaders of Fortune 500 organizations and entrepreneurs. Phillip has a Masters of Cognitive Science, and he has dedicated his career to understanding and leveraging neuroscience to make the best leaders even better. 

His in-depth insights into our conscious and subconscious cognitive habits support him to personalize professional growth through upgrading the brain and quality of thinking.

His most recent work, Habits of Success, he shares how tailored cognitive development delivers brainpower on autopilot.

Phillip’s vision is to start a conversation that leads to a change in how we structure learning to create the next level of thinking needed to excel in an increasingly demanding world. 

Published Books

Brain Habits: The Science of Subconscious Success

The Science of Subconscious Success


Our brains are open for business, 24/7, 365 days a year. So, it is no surprise that they are our most vital asset, yet the brain remains a mystery for many.

In his latest work, Brain Habits, CEO, Cognitive Scientist, and Executive Brain Coach Phillip Campbell takes a deep dive into the subconscious brain. The book fuses the power of neuroscience with the art of stories to showcase the depth and capacity of Subconscious Thinking Habits.

It is an invitation to understand the enigma of the brain, the reality of Brain Balance, and how Fluid Thinking impacts sustained behavioural change, adaptability, and learning agility.

Reading the book will help you to:

  • Learn how Subconscious Thinking Habits underpin your cognitive strengths and derailers
  • Understand why many people are easily distracted and have difficulty staying focussed on important priorities
  • Recognize cognitive overload and Burnout Syndrome, and the brain’s capability to navigate them
  • Discover why the brain’s potential is immense, and why a new approach is required to develop it
  • Crack the code of the subconscious brain by delving into the principles of neuroscience
  • Realize that the enhancement of Subconscious Thinking Habits is paramount in setting up subconscious success on autopilot

If you are ready to discover the power of the brain and the reality of Subconscious Thinking Habits, then this book is for you.

Habits of Success

Now a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller!

FORM THE HABIT WITH ANOTHER STELLAR ANTHOLOGY FROM LEADERS PRESS!As the world resumes from a year and a half of pandemic disruption, we find ourselves wondering what to do next? Should we go back to normal or move forward to better? How do we maximize our time and efforts to find our most successful selves? What habits will sustain that success the next time our world is shaken up?

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