Paul Carter


Awards & Accolades

USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best-selling Author

Paul is an eccentric by nature and innovator by trade. Raised in a world where art and engineering collide, he’s been behind the scenes and the workings of many products you likely own or wish you did.

From firmware to welding, ideation to specification, leadership to grunt work, he’s spent the last 20 years getting perspective from all sides of product design.

Published Books

Sex, Drugs, and Rocking Code: The Uncensored Autobiography of an Anonymous Programmer

Amazon best-seller

Sex, Drugs, and Rocking Code is a brutally honest, funny, and electrifying account of a millennial IT programmer (who has chosen to go anonymous for reasons apparent in the book). Set in the heart of bustling cities, this account tells of a misfit who burned the candle at both ends—working sixteen-hour days and indulging in eight-hour nights—only to discover later the true meaning of work, business, madness, and life itself. Warning: Read at your own risk! This book will dare you to live like a “rock star,” but there will be consequences

Quitless: The Power of Persistence in Business and Life

USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller!

Now a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-seller! HELICOPTER CRASHES, CORPORATE LAYOFFS, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN: UNDERSTANDING THE MINDSET OF THE UNSHAKEABLE! Every single day there is an entrepreneur that comes to life for the first time – and every single day there is another, who is giving up on their dreams. Eleven letters. That’s all that separates them. Why are some catapulted to great professional heights, where others fail? Persistence.

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