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Amazon Best-selling Author


Kristin Cripps is a prolific real estate investor and developer who’s crushing it in the world of business. Although she left home at age sixteen, she was able to purchase her first property at age nineteen—and became a millionaire before the age of thirty.

A former bartender, waitress, and massage therapist turned real estate mogul, today Kristin is a highly sought after international wealth creation coach, speaker, and trainer who consistently features in the top 1% of property brokers in Canada.

Kristin is on a mission to show others how to acquire financial freedom and live a life of abundance and contentment through her proven real estate investment strategies and mindset reset techniques.

This unstoppable woman travels the world to share the anyone-can-do-it strategies she used to create massive success. She can often be found abroad, searching for inspiration in unique architectural design while fulfilling her quest for constant learning, growth, and development.

Despite the remarkable wealth she’s created from a standing start, she’s incredibly grounded and loves spending time with her family and amazing circle of loyal friends, colleagues, and her award-winning team at Cripps Realty.

Published Books

Investpreneur: Real Estate Lessons for the Determined Investor (I Can. I Will. Watch Me! Book 2)

Amazon best-seller

Ready to jumpstart your real estate investment career (or side hustle)? Investpreneur lays out the proven track that former bartender and massage therapist Kristin Cripps followed to become a real estate mogul and millionaire before her 30th birthday!! Warning: Reading this book and following the lessons inside will teach you how to make money in real estate and fund the life of your dreams!

ShePreneur: Business Lessons for the Determined Female Entrepreneur (I Can, I Will, Watch Me!)

Amazon best-seller

From bartender to millionaire by 30! Do you want to know how to take control of your narrative and start living the life of your dreams by investing your money and your mindset in smart ways? Shepreneur tells the story of how former bartender and massage therapist Kristin Cripps did just that—and became a real estate mogul and millionaire before her 30th birthday!! Warning: reading this book and discovering what lights you up will teach you that you don’t need a fancy degree or a trust fund to achieve financial freedom—and you certainly don’t have to rely on anyone else to get there.

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