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Dr. Kathleen Humel is a licensed Pharmacist with nearly 30 years of experience in the management of pharmacy practice in retail and industry settings. She has experience in pharmacovigilance (drug safety), Regulatory Authority inspections, audits, dispensing medications, and serving as a healthcare provider and mentor. Dr. Humel has worked in pharmacies from the age of fifteen, in independent, chain, and hospital settings, and was a retail preceptor for pharmacy students. In 2001, she entered the pharmaceutical industry, working for big and small pharma. Since 2013, she has been the CEO of RX KHumel, LLC as a Senior Independent Pharmacovigilance Industry Consultant. Dr. Humel holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Kansas, a BS in Pharmacy from the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, Long Island University, and a Certificate of Pharmacy Management from the Retail Drug Institute. She is also a Certified Vaccine Administrator.

Published Book

Sweetie, That's Not Sweets!



Sweetie, That’s Not Sweets! is a children’s book that teaches the importance of only taking medicine as directed by a healthcare provider, parent, or guardian to ensure safety and proper treatment. Pharmacist Dr. Kathleen Humel uses an extended poem to deliver this message in an engaging and accessible way.

Read with your child to discover:

  • A conversation between a mother and daughter explaining when medicine should and should not be taken
  • A concise and easy-to-understand story makes it a fun read for kids
  • The importance of only taking medicine that is specifically intended for you and following the correct dosage instructions
  • The importance of drug safety
  • Valuable insights and tips for parents and caregivers from an expert in the field
  • A relevant lesson for anyone raising or instructing children on the safe use of medicine

Don’t wait to teach your children about the importance of drug safety—pick up your copy of Sweetie, That’s Not Sweets! today!

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