Aurora Hood Hammond


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Amazon Best-selling Author


Aurora Hammond lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. She has been a facilitator of personal growth for over thirty years, having studied in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and parts of Asia. She has been a lecturer in social work at the University of NSW and Tasmania and founded and ran her own college of holistic counselling for nearly twenty years in Sydney, Australia. In her master’s degree in holistic studies (psychology), she learned the value of sharing your own story as part of leading the way for others and having compassion and deep empathy for the human journey. Her focus on her spiritual path as the “true journey of the soul” and the power of working consciously in the quantum field inspire her current practice. Aurora’s wisdom and experience combined with her insight and love of quantum consciousness exploration make her webinars, workshops, and one-to-one facilitation a truly unique and enriching experience.

Published Book

Your True Power: The Key to Your Amazing Life

Amazon best-seller

Do you want to live your most exceptional life? This is for you. 14 ordinary but remarkable women come together to share their stories – 100% raw and authentic – of how they overcame their biggest and darkest challenges by embracing their true power. In Your True Power, join one strong group of magnificent women as they share their first-hand experiences to help you understand what true power is. With richly vibrant voices from many backgrounds illustrating one and the same message, you will be inspired to unlock your amazing life!

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