Dennis Andrews


Awards & Accolades

Amazon Best-selling Author


Dennis brings more than 30 years of experience in the technology industry to Emida, including serving as former Chairman and co-founder of eCatalystOne, also a provider of global online payment services.

Dennis started his career at IBM where he spent 21 years during the initial explosion of the IBM PC business.

He has been the president

and/or CEO of advanced software companies since 1991, including seven-plus years in Silicon Valley.

Dennis most recently served as CEO of Axcelerant, Inc., which was successfully sold to GRIC Communications in 2003.

He graduated with honors from Penn State University with a BS in Theoretical Mathematics. Dennis went on to pursue graduate studies, also in theoretical mathematics, at Syracuse University and the University of North Carolina.

Leaders Press push to the finish line. If you’re like me and have never written a book, it’s a great way to add some definition when you’re clueless about what should be done. I would never do it without someone like Alinka.

Published Book

TOO BLUE!: The IBM PC from an Acorn to a Renegade

Amazon best-seller

THE GREATEST BUSINESS STORY NEVER TOLD – IBM, BILL GATES & THE PATH TO PERSONAL COMPUTING! Long before Apple became a household name and Bill Gates the poster child for computational wealth, there was IBM and a few crazy visionaries who saw a future NO ONE ELSE could have predicted! In his thrilling work, TOO BLUE!, Dennis Andrews pulls back the curtain of IBM’s history to reveal the sometimes serendipitous sometimes nerve-wracking, technological space-race to develop a computer that would change the course of history!

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