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Dan Citrenbaum has spent his entire career as an entrepreneur. Over the past three and a half decades, he has helped thousands of people realize their dreams of business ownership. Since entering the world of franchising, Dan has achieved his own goals and helped others achieve theirs by applying the real-world experience he’s gained from founding eight different businesses. As a franchise coach with The Entrepreneur Option, Dan has increased his outreach, helping thousands more learn about the unique opportunities that franchises offer, including how to conduct a comprehensive due diligence report to discover best fit opportunities.

When he purchased an Area Representative franchise in Always Best Care Senior Services®, Dan was able to successfully grow his franchise to the company’s number one in the world. The group of franchise owners he worked with at Always Best Care won both Franchisee of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards, twice. After 11 years of ownership, Dan sold his Always Best Care back to the franchise company in 2021. After having earned millions of dollars throughout the duration of his ownership, Dan was able to successfully sell the company for millions more. More recently, Dan added The Groutsmith franchise to his portfolio, quickly growing that business to profitability. His franchise remains one of the fastest growing in The Groutsmith system.

Published Book

Own Success: A Proven Method to Succeed in Business With a Franchise

A Proven Method to Succeed in Business with a Franchise


Becoming a successful serial entrepreneur has far less to do with having nerves of steel, and far more to do with learning to evaluate and analyze risk. In fact, what if I told you that in the long run, it is riskier to place your faith in your employer than it is to start the business you’ve always dreamed of having? Well, you don’t have to wonder—it’s true!

In his latest publication, bestselling author, franchise expert, and serial entrepreneur Dan Citrenbaum explores the key concepts necessary to actualize the dream of starting your very own business. By conducting a high-level overview assessment of the characteristics, common pitfalls, and requisite tools of success, Dan makes the inexplicable, explicable. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what it would take start your entrepreneurial journey, you need look no further!

Keep reading to:

  • Explore the inherent risks of traditional, salaried employment in which you are not the business owner, and why statistics showing this risk are only becoming more relevant with time
  • Understand the requirements and tools you’ll need to have under your belt before purchasing your own franchise or business operation
  • Evaluate your current employment conditions against your future earnings and financial milestones to create a clearer picture of exactly where you stand today
  • Understand the minute details of how becoming a franchise owner can be an invaluable stepping-stone of experience for first-time entrepreneurs
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and insight to confidently explore franchise and other acquisition opportunities by learning to read disclosure statements, assess profitability, conduct interviews with current owners, and much more

The business you’ve always dreamed of building has never been closer than right now. Grab your copy of Own Success today and make it a reality!

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