“I Am Going to Write a Book and It’s Going to Be a Best Seller!” 

“I am going to write a book and it’s going to be a best seller!”  

Yeah that’s what I said for the past 10 years too, but it never happened.  I had all the notes, ideas, even wrote some pretty good passages but I learned that wanting to write a book and actually holding it in my hands were two very different things. I needed a publisher, but not only that, I needed an accountability partner. 

Once I signed on, I got it all with Alinka and her expert team at Leaders Press.  Everything got organized, all of sudden my table of contents was ready, chapters came together quickly, the manuscript started to flow and the book that had been in my head for so long was taking shape in a cogent, entertaining way.  

The team kept me encouraged, focused and accountable along each step of a proven process that delivers results. 

Going from thinking about the book to holding my own #1 Best Seller in my hands was an amazing adventure.  

I just wish I knew about Leaders Press 10 years ago!  Highly recommended!

– Tom Fedro, best-selling author of Next Level Selling

Reading Tom’s words makes my heart sing – to be able to make an entrepreneur’s dreams come true in such a way is why I’m in this business.

Maya Angelou once said:

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

At Leaders Press we remove that agony and turn it into satisfaction, completion, joy and delight.

And when you use your book as a lead generation or lead conversion tool, it turns into a significant revenue stream.

Tom says that he needed an accountability partner.

It’s one thing to say “I want to write a book” and then let life take over. It’s quite another to commit and say “I will dedicate one hour a week to interviews” and pour all your wisdom from your head into the ears of your interviewer.

The interview recordings are transcribed and sent to the ghostwriter who creates your upcoming best-seller.

How can we be so sure that your book will be a best-seller? 

It’s because we only work with authors whose book ideas we believe in and we know how to position books on the market.

We make sure there already is a hungry audience for your material and we also work on your unique sales proposition, so that your book both fits in and stands out.

We put together a really good book (we’ve won awards!) and then thanks to years of experience in launching books we orchestrate a structured launch and get your book to the top of the charts.

The perks of being a best-selling author:

Now you can add “best-selling author” to your business cards, signature, or Linked-In profile.

If you’re a speaker you will now be introduced not only as a subject matter expert but also as a best-selling author and you will obviously be able to raise your fees.

A book puts you on the expert map like no other tool.

So, if you’re going to write a book and it’s going to be a best-seller, let’s chat!

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