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10 Best Ghostwriter Services That Have the Top Authors in the World

Sometimes, words don’t flow for us authors, the ideas get jumbled, or we can’t find the time to write that book, that speech, that love letter bouncing around our brains. That’s why ghostwriter services exist.

They’ll swoop in, nab your book ideas, and, faster than you can say, ‘writer’s block,’ turn them into the polished prose or tantalizing text you’d envisioned. 

But if you’re wondering…

How does ghostwriting work?

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Let’s say you’ve got a fantastic story or brilliant topic for a book. You want to become a published author, but when it comes to putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), you need help in the mud. You don’t have that much experience in writing, or you don’t have the time to write your book. 

This is where you need to search for the best ghostwriters. 

You provide the ideas, the gist, or even just the vibe you’re going for, and they’ll whip up a word storm that captures your thoughts perfectly, all while staying behind the curtain. 

And the best part? 

While the best writing service does all the heavy lifting, you still take the as the credited author. 

Aside from that…

Why the best ghostwriting companies will help you self-publish your book?

Now they are a lot of factors needed to create the ideal book you want. Writing agencies hire ghostwriters. 

First one on the list would be…


Their job is to take your ideas, voice, and style, then turn them into a masterpiece. 

They’re like your own personal assistant Shakespeare. 

So, if you’re sweating over expressing your thoughts or structuring your book, you know you’ve got a whole team of experts waiting to lend you a hand.

And after that, they had to have a good…

Quality control

Professional ghostwriters are also editors who’ll ensure your book is polished to what you want before being released to the public. 

And once finished, they also control the book’s…

Marketing and promotion

These premium ghostwriting services are also your secret weapon for marketing and promotion.

 Writing the book is only half the battle. 

Once you’ve got that new book in your hands, you’ve got to get it out there for the world to see. 

With the best ghostwriter services on your side, you’re getting a book and a whole marketing strategy too. 

They’ll help you create attention, build a brand, and even set up book signings. 

This also saves a lot of your…

Time and effort

Imagine all the things you could do if you didn’t have to spend months—maybe even years—hunched over a keyboard. 

Your weekends are yours again, and you have plenty of time to brainstorm your next bestseller.

While this seems a whole package…

Isn’t having a ghostwriter expensive?

brown wallet with credit cards partially seen

Let’s start with a few exemptions.

It will absolutely depend if you prefer a…

Freelance or agency?

You’ve got two options – either go for a freelancer or work with an agency. 

Each has its own set of benefits. If you’re hiring someone to ghostwrite for you, you’ll need to budget for the different roles in your project team. 

This includes the researcher, writer, editor, and so on. 

But if you’re working with an agency, all these roles are already part of your team. 

But aside from choosing between the two…

Do ghostwriters get royalties?

Well, the short answer is no. 

Ghostwriters aren’t typically publishers — they’re writers. 

Their job is to write for you; they’re not involved in book publishing. 

So, if you’re considering hiring a ghostwriter, don’t expect them to handle the publishing side of things as well. 

They’ll write the book, but that’s about it. 

So, is hiring a ghostwriting agency expensive? 

It can be, but the value you get in return can be worth it.

Do ghostwriters write the whole book?

book near eyeglasses and cappuccino

The involvement of a ghostwriter in creating a book can vary significantly depending on the specific project. 

In some cases, ghostwriters do write the entire book. 

They may be given a general outline, a detailed plot structure, or some notes to guide them, but they do the actual composition of the text. 

This is common in celebrity autobiographies, business books, and fiction genres where the credited author needs more time and writing skills to create the book themselves.

Now that you know a few things to know.

You may also want to share a few things for them to start.

Or should I say…

Collaborating with a ghostwriter

Giving them the idea for the book will always be a priority.

Having an outline would be the best start when working with them.

How do you create an effective outline for your ghostwriter?

Let’s start with…

Outlining the purpose and goals

What’s it about? 

What’s the endgame? 

It would be best to be clear about your purpose and goals because that’s the foundation your ghostwriter will build on.

Define the structure

Think of the book’s structure as a tree’s bark. 

It’s not just there for looks; it holds everything together and gives your ideas a platform to bloom. 

You know, the chapters, headings, subheadings, all of that. 

They give your book a shape, a form, and a flow.

Detail each section or chapter.

Keep your ghostwriter from guessing what goes where. 

Break it down for them, chapter by chapter, section by section. 

Even a couple of sentences summarizing each part can work wonders.

Provide character descriptions (If applicable)

If you’re going for a novel or a character-driven piece, give your ghostwriter some insider info on your characters. 

Who they are, what they look like, how they talk, what they care about. 

Trust me; this stuff makes all the difference.

Share your voice

It’s your book, so it has to sound like you, right? 

So, let your ghostwriter know about your writing style. 

Are you all about big words and fancy sentences, or do you prefer plain and simple language? 

Do you like to throw in some humor, or are you more serious? You get the idea.

Include research sources

photo of bulb artwork

If any research is involved in your book, sharing your sources with your ghostwriter is a good idea. It saves them time and helps ensure accuracy.

Timeline and deadlines

Your ghostwriter isn’t a mind reader. 

Be upfront about your timeline and set small, achievable deadlines for each section or chapter. 

It helps keep things on track without any last-minute panic.

Feedback process

Remember, communication is critical. 

So, talk about how you’d like to handle feedback. Would you prefer to check in after every chapter, or do you want to see a complete draft? It’s your call.

Working with a ghostwriter can feel like a trust fall. 

So it’s essential to lay down ground rules about confidentiality and other legal stuff from the get-go.

Miscellaneous information

Finally, any extra nuggets of info that might help your ghostwriter? 

Throw it in there. 

Every little bit helps to create a book that’s genuinely yours.

Now you have the checklist in mind, here are some of the …

10 Best ghostwriting services online

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Now most of them specialize in one thing. Let’s start with…

Vox Ghostwriting

What makes Vox more special is its qualified panel of ghostwriters. 

Now, these are trained writers you would trust your whole idea for the book. 

They’ve got degrees, credentials, experience; you name it! 

Aside from the affordability, Vox has made its mission to keep its rates accessible. 

They believe in delivering value and satisfaction to their customers and do it with utmost dedication. 

Their best ghostwriter services have a knack for crafting stories that increase your book’s online visibility, ensuring it reaches every nook and cranny of the Internet. The team focuses on building solid plots, carefully designed characters, and captivating narratives that grab readers from the first sentence. 

They use top-notch tools and software to produce content that appeals to and connects with the readers profoundly and emotionally. 

And for their editing services, they edit every word, every comma, and every period to ensure that your content sparkles with credibility.

Writing Studio

Writing Studio has a team of ghostwriters who specialize in SEO and blog posts. 

They don’t just write them; they pour over your topics, diving deep into research, and then weave together a story your audience won’t be able to resist. 

They’ve got this way about them, a knack for making any topic seem interesting, even exciting. 

They also write in a way that appeals to search engines (called SEO content), so your blog post won’t just be engaging but also discoverable.

They don’t just write; they emphasize themselves in your industry and become temporary experts, ensuring the article they deliver is well-written, insightful, and authoritative. 

Each article is a carefully constructed piece of your brand’s story, designed to showcase your company as the thought leader you aspire to be. 

But they’re not all business; they also handle ebooks, spend hours and hours researching until they know your topic inside out, and then write. 

Newsletters and press releases? 

They’ve got you covered. 

They understand your audience, know what they want to read, and deliver it. 


Verblio’s team of writers is as diverse as the topics they handle and their professional backgrounds serving various industries, from tech to healthcare to marketing. 

Managing all the logistics, paperwork, and the process. 

Writers are on standby, ready to add bandwidth in days rather than weeks.

Once you connect with a Verblio content specialist, they will find a writer who perfectly aligns with your needs. 

Your chosen writer will create an outline based on your ebook request, and voila, your dream ebook begins to take shape. 

You’re always in the loop – for longer pieces (those over 3,000 words), your writer delivers content by chapter. 

But the process remains unchanged: outline, review, approve, and write.

They notify you once the writer submits a draft, allowing you to review, give feedback, and request unlimited edits until your ebook is picture-perfect. 

Breaking it down for longer projects by chapter, but the process remains just as smooth and collaborative.

Although they don’t offer custom graphic design services, they recommend partnering with professional design platforms like 99designs to complete your ebook project.

While they focus on creating engaging, thought-leadership content, they also understand the importance of aesthetics. 


You can either work with them directly or let them manage your content creation. 

If you want to push out a ton of content, these guys have got you covered. 

They keep your brand voice consistent, so you will retain your unique identity even when scaling up.

What makes ContentWriters stand out from the crowd is the sheer talent they bring to the table. 

Their pool of US-based freelance writers is a goldmine of industry expertise and creativity. 

They match your projects with writers who know your industry inside out and ensure the writer’s style and tone align with your brand. 

But here’s the best part – they don’t just leave you hanging after the writing is done. 

You’re also involved with their:

  • Approving outlines.
  • Providing feedback.
  • Guiding them to make sure the final product is exactly what you envisioned.

Express Writers

Express Writers offer ghostwriting services with their own twist. Each member is a seasoned storyteller, adapting their writing style to fit your unique brand persona. 

Whether you’re in technology, finance, wellness, or any other field, rest assured they have an expert who can pen down your thoughts as they’ve been in your shoes.

Regarding delivering content, they are as reliable as your favorite mailman. Understanding that time is money, and the last thing you need is to be kept waiting. 

With a whopping 99.5% success rate, Express Writers ensure that your content is high-quality and right on time every single time. 

What makes them truly unique, though, is adaptability. Scaling their solutions to your needs, not the other way around, whether you’re a fledgling startup needing a few blog posts or a Fortune 500 company looking for a full-fledged content strategy.

Leaders Press

Featured in Entrepreneur and Forbes, Leaders Press is one of the leading nonfiction ghostwriting services on the block. Do you want your memoir turned into a book? Or would you like to share tips for business? We can do that for you. 

Our process is so smooth; we sit you down for a series of interviews, and voila, a best-selling book reflecting your unique voice and experiences is made! 

You’re probably wondering about our credibility; we’ve been in USA Today and Wall Street Journal’s best-selling press. We’ve also turned 220 authors into USA Today’s best-selling authors. 

We want nothing but the best for you. And we’re eager to add you to our hall of fame.

We don’t just write books: we craft masterpieces tailored to you, with your voice at the heart of it. 

We ensure a grand launch propelling your text to bestseller status and bookstore access through our distribution agreement with Simon & Schuster. 

Our first step is to arrange a strategy session with one of our book advisors. 

Then, we set a rhythm with weekly interviews that fit snugly into your busy schedule. 

As we navigate through your narrative, our ghostwriter takes your words, polishes them, and weaves them into the fabric of your manuscript.

Because, at the end of the day, we want your book to be a perfect reflection of you – whether it’s a legacy piece showcasing your accomplishments or a lead magnet for your business. Our ghostwriting packages include everything from writing a book to professional publishing. 

If we believe in you and your story, we make your success our mission. As a Leaders Press author, you’re guaranteed a bestseller launch and distribution through Simon & Schuster. 

And we’re with you every step of the way.

The Urban Writers

With over 2000 professionals at your beck and call, The Urban Writers is one of the most prominent ghostwriting agencies in the market. You can invite freelancers directly to your content projects. 

That’s right, handpick the best to breathe life into your vision. 

You only have to post your project on their platform, and hundreds of our vetted professionals are at your service. 

Only pay once your chosen freelancer is ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into your project.

Through their Document View feature, you can witness the progress of your project right before your eyes, whether it’s being written, edited, designed, or illustrated. 

It takes a team, a brain trust, if you will. Here’s where you can create a circle of your go-to freelancers. 

Chat, discuss, brainstorm – turn those sparks of ideas into a roaring fire of a project.

You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

Nexus Ghostwriting

No headaches, no complexities – just a few simple steps, and your content dream becomes a reality. 

Breaking down barriers and making the process as seamless as possible. 

Nexus Ghostwriting is more than a ghostwriting solution; it’s a global family committed to delivering top-notch content. 

From Tokyo to Toronto, they are making waves with their flawless and innovative ghostwriting services, all at a price that’s friendlier to your pocket than you’d believe. 

When hiring a book writer, it’s an absolute picnic! 

Having a stellar lineup of authors, each with unique skills. 

You can check out their work, chat with them, and ensure you’re comfortable before placing your order. 

They keep everything out in the open, not because it’s a selling point, but because they believe in keeping things real. 

In the end, it’s all about ensuring that smile on your face.

Elite Authors

The ideal partners to convert your ideas, dreams, experiences, and stories into words.

Getting to know you, your style, your voice, and most importantly, your story. 

They want your book to sound like you, a more polished, eloquent version.

You’ve got your ideas clear, you’re an expert in your field, or you’ve lived a life that needs to be shared; that’s all you need! 

Pairing you with an expert writer who resonates with your personality, style, and your book’s vision. 

You and your writing partner sit down, delve into the details, and ensure you understand what’s to be in your book. 

This is a collaborative effort; you’re not just handing off your idea. 

You’ll see it bloom into something extraordinary, something quintessentially you.

And the best part? 

Your book is entirely yours. 

You retain complete ownership over your work, including all profits and royalties. 

You’ll be the star of the show, with CEOs, bestselling authors, musicians, and many others to help them share their stories, knowledge, and experiences. 

A team of fantastic editors will work with you and your writer through the process. 

Imagine all the services you need to publish your book right here! 

Ghostwriting LLC

It’s a one-stop shop for everything your book needs, from inception to publication.

Their nonfiction writers are pros at turning your scattered thoughts into coherent, captivating narratives. 

These folks are so versatile that their skills cover everything from military history to health and wellness. 

They also work magic with fiction, letting their imaginations run across genres from sci-fi to horror and even sprinkling in some humor for good measure. 

They’re selling their books through all the big outlets – Barnes & Noble,, you name it. 

It’s wild how successful their authors are at selling through retailers, book clubs, and wholesalers. 

They’re qualified, experienced, and have the ability to put your thoughts into words better than you could’ve ever imagined. 

They’re also incredibly affordable. 

You know that their confidentiality agreement protects your work and that your ideas will remain yours, from copyrights to film or TV adaptation rights.

Knowing the best ghostwriter service

two people shaking hands

Finding a book writing service that fits your budget and requirements is crucial. Always use the following guidelines for canvassing:

Checking their website

Does it look professional? 

Is it up to date? 

Do they showcase their past projects or clients? 

If their site is messy, outdated, or needs to provide more information, it might be time to move on.


Look for transparent pricing

It can take time to nail down an exact cost, but an excellent ghostwriting company will be upfront about their pricing structure. 

So, if they’re being cagey about the costs, it might be time to move on.

You may also…

Ask about their team

What’s their experience? 

Do they specialize in your genre or industry? 

You’re not just looking for an old writer but someone who can truly capture your voice and vision.

You may also want to…

Read testimonials and reviews

One of the best ways to get the real scoop on a ghostwriting company is to read what other people say. 

Testimonials and reviews can give you an inside look at what working with them is like. 

Remember, take everything with a grain of salt—what worked for one person might not work for you.

You should also…

Look for a clear contract

This is super important. 

It should lay out exactly what services they’re providing, how much it will cost, and the timeline. 

You want everything in black and white, so there’s no room for confusion or misunderstandings down the line.

And one of the best factors to consider is…

Open Communication

You want a responsive company that is open to your ideas and clear about the process. 

Look for prompt replies to your inquiries, transparent and regular updates on progress, and a willingness to discuss any concerns you might have. 

It might be a red flag if they can’t get this right.

Because in the end…

It’s all about sharing your voice

Professional ghostwriting outfits hire vetted writers to work on your idea, handle writing and editing to produce quality work, offer publishing services, and deliver professional book products. Some ghostwriting service providers like Leaders Press provide additional services like audiobook production, marketing campaigns, and other quality services on top of having one of the best ghostwriting teams in the industry. 

Life’s too short to be bogged down with writer’s block or to wear yourself thin trying to wear all the hats. 

Having the best ghostwriter services by your side means enjoying the journey without sweating the small stuff. 

They know how to play the game. 

You’re investing in a partnership that ensures your vision comes to life exactly as you imagined. 

No more scrambling to express your thoughts, no more pulling all-nighters trying to beat the deadlines, and no more biting your nails over whether your book will make a splash. 

It’s not cheating; it’s just choosing to invest your time in what you love most.

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