Discover the 17 steps to creating a bestselling business book!

In Outsource Your Book, Alinka Rutkowska, Leaders Press founder and CEO, shares the secrets that allow her to guarantee each of her authors a launch to best-seller!

Download your copy now to discover:

  • how to position your book so that it’s a bestseller — you have to do this before it’s written;
  • how to hire the right interviewer who can get your ideas out of your head;
  • how to turn your ideas into a masterfully crafted manuscript;
  • the three different types of editing, and which ones you need;
  • where to hire a designer for an attention-grabbing cover, and why the right cover can make or break your book sales;
  • how to optimize your book for online sales so that it pops up on top of any search results;

and much more.

What others are saying:

If it wasn’t for Alinka I still wouldn’t have written it…

I have wanted to write a book for a few years now but I really never thought I would be able to do so. If it wasn’t for Alinka I still wouldn’t have written it. She made it happen for me!

In Outsource Your Book Alinka guides you through everything that happens when you work with her publishing house Leaders Press.

The duration from start to finish was fast and Alinka does not let it drag on. She pushes, which is great for me. I am busy and without her push this book might have taken me years to write. The launch was fun and Alinka has this so dialed. She is all over it, making the book come out with a bang.

Mark Nureddine// CEO, Bull Outdoor Products and best-selling author of Pocket Mentor

If it wasn’t for Alinka I still wouldn’t have written it…

I have tremendous praise for Alinka and her team, having been through the book-writing process with them from soup to nuts. Simply put, if you want to create a bestselling book, use Leaders Press. If you want to write a book and hope for the best, then do that instead. Alinka and her team are professional, competent, courteous, passionate and attentive. I will use her team again when it’s time to write my second bestselling book!

David Fuess//  CEO Catapult Systems and bestselling author of Why They Buy

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