how to create a preorder campaign for your book

How To Create A Preorder Campaign For Your Book

Preorder campaigns are a great way to increase interest in your book well before it’s released. They work by allowing customers to order the book ahead of time, often with some incentive attached – like getting the book at a discount or getting bonus content not available anywhere else. This incentivizes customers to buy early,

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author bio

Author Bio: How To Make It Amazing

To write a great author bio, you must first understand what an author bio is. An author bio is a short description of who you are. To write an author bio that will really wow your readers, you need to make sure that it is well-written and engaging. Here’s a complete guide to writing a

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beta readers

Beta Readers: Learning The Basics

Beta readers aren’t editors or proofreaders, but they can help you develop your story and make it better. They’re also a great way to get feedback from people who aren’t family or friends. Beta readers are the people who are most likely to give you an honest critique of your work. Here is the essential

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books in a library

How to Get Book Publicity: Strategies and Tips

Book publicity is the lifeblood of any publisher. And if you are self-published, obviously, you are a publisher. A good book publicity campaign can be a powerful marketing tool for you as a book author and publisher. But suppose you don’t take the time to develop a successful book publicity campaign. In that case, you

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a bunch of books on a table

Book Marketing 101: Goodreads Giveaway for Authors

Nowadays, it has become a must for an author to market his own book, whether he is traditionally published or self-published. And at some point, authors wonder if “Goodreads Giveaways” are worth it. Yes, it is possible for a writer to launch an effective book-marketing campaign on his own. But that takes time, energy, and

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Discover the 17 Steps to Creating a Best-selling Business Book

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