Best Business Ghostwriters and Publishers for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur in need of a book in order to grow your authority, leave a legacy or create a lead-generation tool—but you don’t want to have anything to do with the writing, publishing, and marketing process itself? Maybe it’s because you’re not a writer, or simply don’t have the time. 

This is for you.

We’ve put together a brief review of the top three companies that can help you publish your book and build an audience without you having to write a single word. These hybrid publishers each have strong reputations.

Advantage (Grow your business as the authority in your field)

One of the first major players in the A-to-Z done-for-you book-writing space, Advantage stepped onto the hybrid publishing stage in 2007 and has worked with more than 1,300 authors to date. Rather than emphasizing their publishing arm exclusively, they position themselves as “The Business Growth Company,” helping professionals grow their businesses as the authority in their field. 

Specifically, they focus on Authority Marketing®, designing and executing a strategic process of systematic positioning in order to capture the lion’s share of influence in their clients’ markets and industries. Publishing a book with them may be part of a content marketing strategy. Advantage is highly selective of the clients they work with and the books they publish, encouraging interested parties to apply for consideration. 

Most recently, Advantage has heavily focused on catering to specialists in the dental and orthodontic world, and they have a proven track record of satisfying the publishing needs of experts working on the perfect smile. Authors published include Dr. David Moffett (positioned as the preeminent authority on World Class Dental Customer Service), Dr. Craig Miller (one of Woodward & White's "Best Dentists in America"), and Dr Melvin Benson (who has earned the elite Fellowship Award from the Academy of General Dentistry).

Signature package: $90,000 - $150,000

Time to complete: 6 months (minimum) 

Scribe (We turn ideas into books)

Scribe, formerly Book in a Box, was founded by Tucker Max and Zach Obront in 2014 when they solved Melissa Gonzalez’s little problem—the CEO of the Lionesque Group wanted to find another way to create a book, since she didn’t have the time to write it herself and found the normal publishing routine frustrating. They have since published more than 1,100 authors, including the New York Times' best selling authors David Goggins (Can’t Hurt Me) and Tiffany Haddish (The Last Black Unicorn). 

Based in Austin, Texas, with a sizable team, Scribe believes that everyone should write a book and deserves the support and tools to own their vision and create the best book they can. Just as Advantage does, Scribe does not limit themselves to just one genre—they’ve published business books, self-help memoirs, travel books, books on art and design, and more.

When you work with them, you benefit from their expertise in the book business and can select just what kind of support you need, from ghostwriting and editing to publishing and marketing. And if you don't need their done-for-you solution, you can sign up for their Guided Author program that opens with a short workshop and then shepherds you through the writing process yourself.

Signature package: $36,000

Time to complete: 7 to 8 months

Leaders Press (We turn your book ideas into bestsellers!)

Leaders Press is the new kid on the block. Founded in 2017 by USA Today and Wall Street Journal best selling author Alinka Rutkowska, we are disrupting the done-for-you book-writing industry with our laser focus on working only on books we believe will succeed.

While our esteemed colleagues Advantage and Scribe outpace us in volume, it’s not a race for us but participation in a healthy ecosystem: we only sign on a handful of new authors every month. We have a 100% best seller rate and we’re committed to keeping it that way. We focus on business books, signing on CEOs and other business leaders, and then launching books we are positive will become hits.

Our out-of-the-box marketing strategies include working with libraries, pitching their releases to foreign publishers around the world, and even bringing a Hollywood producer onboard for movie treatment consideration when there’s a fit.

As a dynamic and lightweight global company, we attract entrepreneurs who value a custom experience, leaving us an impressive track record for a young publisher: our published or forthcoming authors include Po Chung, the co-founder of DHL International; Christopher Catranis, the founder of Babylon Telecommunications; and Mark Nureddine, the founder of Bull Outdoor Products. 

Signature package: $35,000

Time to complete: 5-7 months

Which is THE BEST?

Which company is the best fit for you depends on your needs. If you need comprehensive marketing to brand yourself in your space (with a book part of that strategy), nobody has more experience than Advantage. If you want a big company with a proven track record and no genre limitations, Scribe is your go-to. If you want a custom experience with a guaranteed best seller rate, you want Leaders Press.

Reach out to the one that fits your needs and take your idea (or business) to the next level.

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