6-Figure Blueprints and Beyond


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2020 was a year that saw social Darwinism play out its ruthless game, in a manner that was categorically ‘no holds barred’. Not the oracles, or the prophets or even your daily horoscope could have predicted the unprecedented challenges that COVID-19 would unleash upon our world. Yet, for all the irreparable tragedy and loss, there exists an inspiring number of stories of triumph, tenacity, and sheer grit. In this amalgamation of personal narratives, we set out to bring those stories to light from some of the hardiest, most adaptable, and agile business leaders of our generation. Together, we’ll explore how each individual company weathered the storm through major disruptions and market changes, remaining all the while, standing on two feet. Our aim is to equip and inspire the entrepreneur of tomorrow to face the challenges ahead. After all, it’s only the people that are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world that truly end up doing so.

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